Mobile economy in Sub-Saharan Africa increasing at a rapid pace

E wallets are a way for you to reach 1 billion people in Africa who have mobile phones, but don't have bank accounts or credit cards.

Tola is the fastest-growing mobile wallet solution in Sub-Saharan Africa, using simple, secure technology to connect merchants to unbanked customers.

Tola acts as a Payment Service Provider (PSP), an aggregator that enables merchants to integrate with operator provisioned mobile wallets.



Why Tola?

Tola Wallet platform to-date has processed
over 200 million transactions and is currently
processing over 30 million transactions monthly

Reasons to contact Tola

  • Simple - our API makes it easy for consumers and merchants to to send money to mobile accounts fast
  • Tola’s API enables clients to take credit card payments in a fully PCI-DSS compliant manner
  • Secure - using real-time verification via SMS with a one-time PIN
  • Seamless - Tola acts as a payment service provider, enabling merchants to integrate with network operatiors' moble wallets.
  • Markets  - we have experience in Gaming and Gambling, insurance, Pharmaceuticals and govenment bodies.
  • Countries - we are active in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana and many more countries, coming soon.
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